Stop Budgeting, Start Living! Meet Shannon Lee Simmons, Author of Worry-Free Money

February 13, 2018 | Diana L.

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While Toronto Public Library's Personal Finance campaign and programming for 2018 is in full swing, we would like to introduce you to Shannon Lee Simmons, the latest financial expert to join our line-up of knowledgeable speakers who are here to help you with your finances! 

Shannon Lee Simmons  Book cover of Worry-Free Money by Shannon Lee Simmons 

Author of Worry-Free Money: The Guilt-Free Approach to Managing Your Money and Your Life, certified financial planner, chartered investment manager and founder of the award-winning New School of Finance, Shannon Lee Simmons will talk about her new book at four branches:

Free program. 

Worry-Free Money takes a fresh approach to finances, looking at the root cause of the pressure to spend and showing why traditional budgets don't work.  

Want to get to know Shannon a little bit more before meeting her at her library visits? Here's a mini Q&A session I had with Shannon:

What inspired you to write Worry-Free Money?

I kept seeing the same trends with clients over and over. The same worries, the same feelings of guilt and the common theme of not really know what they could and could not afford. It truly didn't matter if they made a lot of money or not so much, the stress over money affects us all! So, I was inspired to write a book because the solution is very simple and the same – figure out what you can and can't afford so you can spend your money without guilt or fear. Boom. I wanted to spread the word.

What has the response been like so far (especially when one of the messages in the book is "Stop budgeting")? 

People have been SO RECEPTIVE! It makes me very excited.

What tip have people really enjoyed learning (I personally love the Beyoncé Factor)? 

The Beyoncé Factor is definitely a great tool that people have really enjoyed.

Also 'Happy Spending'. People are really loving the idea that you can actually give yourself permission to spend money on things that make you happy and opt out of the frugal mindset of "brown bag your lunch" and "forego the lattes" advice.

What is one tip from the book that you hope everyone takes note of?

A little bit goes a long way. I think this is the most important message. Don't get discouraged. Don't give up! The book is hopefully helping people feel understood and motivated to move their finances forward in a positive way, however that may look for them.

Who are some of the financial experts you look to for inspiration and tips?

I read The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton years ago, and it's the book that got me interested in personal finances. The Wealthy Barber book has a special place in my heart (this is also why I jumped up and down squealing when David said he liked my book and would endorse it on the cover!). Also Kelley Keehn, Jessica Moorhouse, Kerry Taylor, Rob Carrick, Sandra Hannah, Dan Bortolotti, Sean Cooper, Robert Brown, Preet Banerjee, Melissa Leong, Rubina Ahmed-Haq, Ellen Roseman, Bruce Sellery... I mean, the list goes on and on and on! So many wonderful contributors to the world of personal finance.


Thank you Shannon!

Place a hold on Worry-free Money today!

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