How to Hire a Contractor for Home Renovations

February 1, 2017 | Christina

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Are you planning to do any renovations with a contractor in the near future?  If so, the Canadian Home Builder's Association offers free useful information.  

Renovations can be costly. Here is a brief list of three essentials to understand and follow if hiring a contractor, highlighted in a recent News Canada article

1.  Ask for references and check them out
At least three previous clients should always be called.  Ask how long the projects took, whether the contractor delivered what was promised, and how the work has stood up over time.

2.  Specify quality
Spell out the quality of the windows, doors, plumbing fixtures and floor coverings before the renovation starts.  Have a detailed list that includes product model numbers and colour in order to avoid disappointment.

3. Get it in writing
What is the renovation's total cost?  When is the money due and how much?  Is there any warranty coverage?  These are some things that need to be written down before the contractor starts to work on your project.

If you are planning to save money by having a cash-only deal, be warned that such an arrangement "is the riskiest move of all". According to the article, "contract-free, cash-only jobs mean you're legally responsible for worker accidents. You might even lose insurance coverage on your home." It is recommended that you get expert guidance before you agree to any deal.

At the Canadian Home Builder Association's Planning a Renovation page, more information is available.

Get Informed
1. Planning, Design & Budget
2. DIY or Hire a Pro?
3. Contracts
4. Insurance & Workers' Compensation
5. Liens, Permits & Warranties

Hire a Contractor
1. What Type Do You Need?
2. Contractors to Avoid
3. Checking Out Contractors
4. Getting a Price Quote
5. Deciding Who to Hire
6. Finding a Professional

Start Your Project
1. Finalizing a Contract
2. How Things Work During a Project
3. Making Changes
4. Warranty and Follow-up

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