Finding Interior Decorating Companies with Scott’s

October 17, 2016 | Ranald

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Scott’s Directories is good for getting contact information (and some business information, such as number of employees, sales, year established) on Canadian companies. It’s especially useful for job searchers looking for work in specific fields.

Such a customer came to the reference desk of the Business, Science and Technology Department of North York Central Library the other day. She wanted a list of interior decorating companies in Toronto.

Scotts 1

Scott’s is one long list (about 185,000 companies long). To get a short list of companies out of it, limit the long list to one category (e.g. City: Toronto) after another (e.g. Product/Service: interior decorating).

Scotts 7

Limiting by city is easy. Click on “City” on the left, then on:

  1. Œ“Ontario” on the menu of provinces
  2. “Toronto, ON” on the city menu
  3. the green “Select” button
  4. the green “Search” button

Result: You'll get a list of about 9,500 Toronto companies.

Scotts 2

Limiting by type of business is pretty easy. One way to do it is to click on “Product/Service” on the left.

Scotts 8


  1. select “Text search” and enter “interior” in the search box (Note: don't enter “interior decorating” as this may not be what this type of business is called in this resource.)
  2. click on “Run.” The results (or "Available Search Values") begin with “Automotive interior shop” but include more relevant results like “Interior decorating services” and “Interior design consultants.
  3. click on a result (hold down Shift and click to select adjacent values; hold down Ctrl and click to select ones that aren’t next to one another)
  4. click on the green “Select” button
  5. then on the green “Search” button

Scotts 3

Result: You’ll get a list of about 120 interior decorating companies in Toronto. Click on the name of a company for contact information and brief information about the business.

Another way to limit a long list of companies in Toronto to a short list of interior decorating companies in Toronto is by NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) classification number.

Searching with a NAICS number bypasses all the selecting from "Available Search Values" you do in step 3 above.

Click on “NAICS” on the left, then on the link “North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Canada 2012” at the top of the page.

Scotts 9

On the NAICS page, enter “interior decorating” in the search box. Notice that you don’t have to limit the search to “interior” to get results, as you do when using the “Product/Service” option in Scott’s. Use the first three digits of the NAICS number—in this case, 54141—to search Scott’s.

Scotts 4

Back on the NAICS page in Scott’s:

  1. type the first three digits of the number—i.e. 541—in the menu of codes
  2. click on “541410-Interior Design Services” in the menu of 541 classes
  3. click on the green “Select” button
  4. click on the green “Search” button

Scotts 5

Scott's Directories (PDF), the guide, is a quick guide to accessing and using this resource.