Health and Safety for Small Business

April 25, 2015 | Thanusa

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  Workplace Safety
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Are you a small business owner and employ more than five workers?

Are you well informed about the general health and safety information pertinent to small business?

According to the Public Services Health and Safety Association (PSHSA), every business in Ontario, regardless of size or insurance coverage must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and its regulations. The OHSA and associated regulations set the minimum standards for all workplaces in Ontario.

Come and join us on April 30th, 6:30pm at North York Central Library for an informative session delivered by Michael Atkinson, Regional Consultant from Public Services Health and Safety Association that will examine how small businesses can meet their obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The importance of having a healthy and safe workplace isn't only a legal requirement; it is just smart business to ensure you as a business owner don't suffer losses. The session will also cover the most practical way to meet this important objective.

Click here to register.

If you cannot attend, a similar program will be held at Fairview on May 28th, 6:30pm.

Meanwhile, look into these following books to get you started:

Occupational health and safety small and medium enterprises    Risk Reduction Methods   Basics of occupational safety   Handbook of occupational safety and health