Canadian Securities Law and Regulation

February 20, 2015 | Christina

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The Toronto Public Library has titles related to Canadian securities law and regulation.

What's Next for Canada

What's Next for Canada?  Securities Regulation after the Reference, edited by Anita Anand, discusses the future of Canadian security markets and the regulatory framework within which they operate.  For years, the merits of and necessity for a national securities regulator in Canada has been debated.  Seventeen leading academics and practitioners analyze the Supreme Court of Canada's decision, in the Reference Re: Securities Act, examine its implications for both constitutional and administrative law in Canada, and raise important questions about the future of security regulation in Canada.   



The Canadian Securities Law Reporter, published by CCH Canadian, covers all aspects of securities law in all provinces.  The product includes all relevant securities instruments and other documents from securities commissions, recent case law, commentary, statutes, and regulations from across Canada.  

Securities Litigation and Enforcement

Securities Litigation and Enforcement, 2nd Edition, by Joseph Groia and Pamela Hardie, explains practical litigation features and lays bare the complex web of legislation, policy statements and cases, in a revealing introduction to all significant types of Canadian securities litigation. 
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Here are more titles about Canadian Securities.