Everyone enjoys a good story

October 15, 2013 | Teresa

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Storytelling101It's very true, that there are few people who don't enjoy a good story.  But being able to tell a good story is another matter.  Very few people think of storytelling in the context of running a business, but relating an experience can link your colleagues to a concept more readily than just the facts.  A good relevant story can engage and motivate beyond powerpoint presentations. 

In the article Storytelling that Moves People , which appears on the Harvard Business Review website, the author talks to screen writer/lecturer Robert McKee about why it is so important for executives to communicate through storytelling with their employees and essentially what constitutes a good story.  He gives some interesting examples of how to put a story together - uniting an idea with an emotion. 

Taking one step beyond storytelling, is storydoing, which links all aspects of a company's organization to its corporate culture.  The example that this Business Week article gives is of Tom's shoes.  Tom's gives a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair that is sold.   So for marketing purposes it is selling more than a product, it is selling a value.  

One of Canada's memorable business storytellers died recently.  Dave Nichols, of Loblaws fame, with his Insiders Reports, related stories about each product - how they were made or discovered, that made consumers want to try them.  

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