Five years after the crash

September 12, 2013 | Teresa

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Depression 2008It's hard to believe that five years ago this month, many of the world's economic systems were shaken to their cores, triggered by the bankruptcy filing of Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc..  Five years after the fact, many of the world's countries are struggling to regain economic stability and growth. 

The September, 2013 issue of the Globe and Mail's Report On Business Magazine commemorates this with its cover story entitled, "Why didn't we end up like this?", showing an unemployment line from the great crash of 1929. It is a fascinating tale of what actions the financial leaders in the United States, Canada and other countries did (and there were a whole series of them) that helped avert turning a financial crisis into a financial disaster.

Many books have been published in the past five years analyzing what happened to help consumers make sense of it all.  If you are interested in doing some reading on this topic, you might want to have a look a few titles that are included in the following. USA Today's "Year's best business books to make sense of financial crisis" was compiled at the end of 2009 and is annotated. The Economist did its own list in the spring of 2010, entitled "Post-crisis reading - our reviews of the best books on the financial crisis and its aftermath"  Many of the titles are available at TPL.

And the books keep on being published.  Check out a few titles that have been published in the past year or so:


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