It's the season of lists.

July 22, 2013 | Teresa

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Business lists 2This time of year has always been my favorite - and not because summer vacation is right around the corner.  A few of our venerable business magazines, around this time of the year, publish special issues of their magazines, ranking a large number of Canadian companies.

Why should this be so exciting?  These issues contain a wealth of information on companies that are of value to investors, job seekers and business start ups.  And best yet, they all cover Canadian companies. 

Years ago, our users only had access to the print versions of these publications.  Now many of these titles offer added features (some free, some paid) on their websites which allow downloads and manipulation of some of the information. 

Let's have a look at a few of these titles:


Rob 2013The Globe and Mail's July/August issue of Report on Business is their annual ranking of Canada's most profitable companies.   This issue documents the 100 biggest companies by revenue, the 50 biggest private companies, as well as industry rankings and outlooks.  The top 10 companies are given for such sectors as banks, transportation, mining, technology and wireless, retailers, oil and gas  as well as some smaller areas such as agriculture, investment dealers, management companies, life insurers.  Great stuff if you are doing an analysis of industry sectors. 


Canadian business 500 2013Canadian Business magazine, in its May issue reports on the top 500 companies to invest in for the year.   This issue includes analysis of the stock market by a number of top analysts, as well as giving a snapshot of some of the best companies in Canada.  

This list is celebrating it's 50th anniversary and includes information on how the list has evolved since its inception back in 1964. 

The issue also takes a look at the coming year in investing, exploring areas of potential growth for investors. 





 Profit 500 2013Profit magazine, which covers issues of interest to entrepreneurs, covers the 500 fastest growing companies in Canada in its 25th annual guide. 

The rankings table can be downloaded into Excel and includes rankings by city and region and by industry. 

This issue includes profiles of some of the top and fastest growing companies in Canada, as well as start up advice from successful entrepreneurs, and tips and tricks covering such areas as sales strategies, HR  tactics and favorite technology tools.





A reminder that these issues, while available online, are also available in print at a number of TPL branches.