Why not listen to a great business book this summer?

June 20, 2013 | Teresa

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Summer driving 2

The July 1 weekend is around the corner, and for many it marks the beginning of the vacation season.  If you are planning a long drive, why not pick up a few audio books to listen to in the car?  Many classic business titles that you just never had time to read, could be "read" while driving.  And while I admit it may not be as entertaining as a Dan Brown novel,  you may be able to return from your trip a bit more business savvy.   Consider some of these titles:


Summer reading 1 This classic by Paco Underhill explores why we shop the way we do.  With data based on thousands of hours of observational research, he explores how working women have affected how supermarkets are designed, how signage and packaging of products affects what we buy, and more.  It may make you think twice about your vacation purchases!





Summer reading 2 Jim Collins, author of the bestseller Good to Great, explores why some companies thrive in chaotic times, while others fail.   Based on a number of years of research, the author explores the secrets of building a great enterprise in uncertain times.                                                 






Summer reading 3This recent classic by well known biographer Walter Isaacson came out very close to the time of Steve Job's death and is a portrait of a man who changed the way we compute, the way we listen to music and how movies are made and how we watch them.






Summer reading 4Economist  Steven Levitt and co-author Stephen Dubner create a new field of economics called freakonomics.  They show that economics is at heart a study of incentives - how to get people the things they want or need when many other people want the same thing.   They use such diverse examples as the crack gangs, real estate agents, even the Klu Klux Klan.





Summer reading 5 In The Price of Everything, journalist Eduardo Porter explores  the premise that there is a price behind each choice that we make and we often fail to appreciate how critical prices are as motivating forces that shape our lives.  This power becomes clearer when distorted prices steer our decisions the wrong way. 




This is just a sampling of the many business related titles that are available for you to check out this summer.  All of these are available in paper format, many are available as e-audiobooks and e-books as well. 

Happy listening!