Business success - is it in the colour of your tie?

September 29, 2011 | Teresa

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When my husband and I first got married, we spent alot of time shopping.  My husband had just started his first job in accounting and after being a poor student, he needed to upgrade his wardrobe.  Since he had inherited his grandfather's flair for colour and design (GrandDad had worked as the head buyer for men's clothes for the now defunct Eaton's department stores), he really didn't need a whole lot of help from me in selecting clothes.  One of my favorite purchases from that time was a light pink tie that my husband wore with a charcoal suit. 

I was thinking of that tie when I recently read an article after President Obama's speech to a joint session of Congress promoting his jobs bill.  The article focused on the colour of the President's tie (purple) and suit colour (navy blue), and that of the Vice President (lighter mauve) and the Speaker of the House (pink) and the message that those colours send.  According to the article ("Tying on some purple persuasion" by Dana Flavelle Toronto Star, September 9, 2011), Mr. Obama chose well -  "Long associated with royalty, because the dye was historically difficult to create, purple is seen as rare and precious and denotes qualities like vision, caring and trust". 

While I knew colours were important in dressing for success, I didn't know that colours of ties could say so much.  I decided to do a bit of checking and came across two interesting pages, both from the website, one dealing with the personality, the other psychology of tie colour. 

While women generally don't wear ties, colour and style say alot about who you are. What you wear says 8 things about your personality according to this blog entitled "Dress for Success" including organizational skills, reliability, creativity, soundness of judgement to name a few.

Want some help dressing for success for business?  The library can help with that.  Check out just a few of a number of books in the Toronto Public Library system on this topic.

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By the way, pink ties are "are indicative of coolness and calm.. and are indicative of an optimistic and happy personality type." - a perfect fit !