Dealing with Collection Agencies

August 23, 2010 | Margaret W.

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A lot of people are terrified of collection agencies. I have known people who have had to deal with rude and abusive agents, incessant phone calls at work and at home, and the resultant public revelation of the very private misery of unmanageable personal debt. And to top it all off, they have suffered the despair of feeling that they have no control over what these people are doing. 

But in 2006 the rules that collection agencies need to follow changed. 

A new regulation of the Collection Agencies Act came into effect that year. It included

  • banning the use of threatening or profane language
  • strengthening limits on contacting employers
  • limiting contact with debtors who have referred the matter to their legal counsel or who suggest the matter be taken to court and
  • clarifying definitions of harassment.

(See the Government Of Ontario's 2006 news release regarding this.)

Ontario's Ministry of Consumer Services has a good web page on collection agencies that includes information on your rights when dealing with them.

Read these over, so that you are aware of your rights when it comes to collection agencies.

Also check out the page from the Canadian Consumer Information Gateway, which lists many web resources where you will find for more information.

There's a book at the library which will also help you to understand what to do when you become involved with a credit agency.  Click on the book cover to find were the book is located in the system.

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