Business & Company Resource Centre: Need Another Source for Company Information?

October 28, 2009 | Web Team

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If you are looking for companies and industry news and analysis that is international in scope, look no further! Have a look at Business & Company Resource Centre (library card needed to access). This online database, which the Toronto Public Library subscribes to, brings together company profiles, brand information, rankings, investment reports, company histories, industry news and analysis, and chronologies and periodicals. Here you can find detailed company and industry news and information, as well as coverage of major business events and trends from 1980 to the present, 

To do a basic company search, type in a company name in the search box. To conduct a more advanced search, choose Company under the Additional Search Options and use one or more of these search boxes: company name or ticker symbol, SIC code, NAICS code, product or brand name or type, city, state or country. You can also browse the list of companies by clicking on Browse Companies under the company name search box.

To search for companies organized by industry, use the Company option under the Additional Search Options and enter the type of company, e.g. mining, or use the NAICS code or SIC code. If you do not know the code, look it up using the Browse SIC Codes or Browse NAICS Code.

To find industry information, click on the Industry icon under Additional Search Options. Again, you can search by SIC or NAICS code or search words for your industry (e.g. clothing). The results will depend on availability and the industry - they could be complete research reports, business encyclopedia articles or articles from newspapers, magazines, and trade journals, etc.

Also available are investment reports (over 1.5 million of them!) dating back 3 years. Use the Advanced Search feature and choose Investment Reports from the drop down menu. But you have to provide either the ticker symbol (e.g. goog for Google), SIC or NAICS code.

Lastly, the financial reports. Use these to analyze a company over time, compare a company's financials to its major competitors, or choose specific companies to compare. Reports going back 6 years or 5 interim periods are available. And the data can be exported in Microsoft Excel. Use Advanced Search and choose Financials from the drop down menu. Type in the ticker symbol, e.g. goog for Google. The results will default to Fundamentals Analysis. If you want to compare to major competitors or compare to specific companies, click in the radio button beside the choice and click on Update View to do the comparisons. If you click on Financial Dashboard, you will get company quotes as well as news, SEC filings, charts and historical data. You can also view market movers, world markets and more!

The beauty of this database is that it is available at all branches of the Toronto Public Library as well as from home, if you have a valid Toronto Public Library card. You can print or email the results to yourself. To retain any graphics that come with the article, chose the HTML format when you print or email the results.

If you are using this database for the first time, you may want to go to any one of the three Research & Reference Libraries (Toronto Reference Library, North York Central Library and Urban Affairs Library) for expert assistance.

Have fun!