New & Upcoming Indigenous Books: Fall 2022 Edition

December 21, 2022 | Jamie

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Fall is coming to a close, and snow has begun to blanket the ground. Check out these titles that came out during the fall season by Indigenous authors across Turtle Island. This is just a small selection of books that have come out since September 2022.

Please note, if an author or contributor is Indigenous, I have their nation next to their name in brackets. All descriptions below are from TPL's catalogue unless otherwise noted.



Amo's sapotawan

Amō's sapotawan = Amō ōsapotawan by William Dumas (Cree) and Rhian Brynjolson

"A Rocky Cree girl must choose the skill that will define her miskanaw, the path of her life, in the second book of The Six Seasons of the Asiniskaw Īthiniwak series."



Braiding Sweetgrass for Young Adults

Braiding Sweetgrass for young adults : Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge, and the teachings of plants by Robin Wall Kimmerer (Anishinaabeg, Potawatomi), adapted by Monique Gray Smith (Sioux, Lakota and Cree), illustrated by Nicole Neidhardt (Diné)

"Botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer's best-selling book Braiding Sweetgrass is adapted for a young adult audience by children's author Monique Gray Smith, bringing Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge, and the lessons of plant life to a new generation."


Atiqput : Inuit Oral History and Project Naming edited by Beth Greenhorn, Carol J. Payne, Deborah Kigjugalik Webster (Inuit) and Christina Williamson

"Our names – Atiqput – are very meaningful. They are our identification. They are our Spirits. We are named after what's in the sky for strength, what’s in the water ... the land, body parts. Every name is attached to every part of our body and mind. Yes, every name is alive. Every name has a meaning. Much of our names have been misspelled and many of them have lost their meanings forever. Our Project Naming has been about identifying Inuit, who became nameless over the years, just "unidentified eskimos ..." With Project Naming, we have put Inuit meanings back in the pictures, back to life. – Piita Irniq For over two decades, Inuit collaborators living across Inuit Nunangat and in the South have returned names to hundreds of previously anonymous Inuit seen in historical photographs held by Library and Archives Canada as part of Project Naming." 



Scars & Stars

Scars and Stars : Poems by Jesse Thistle (Cree & Métis)"Fans of Jesse Thistle's extraordinary debut From the Ashes have already had the pleasure of reading his poetry, which is sprinkled throughout this bestselling memoir. In Scars and Stars, he digs deeper into the poetic form, which is especially close to his heart."


Màgòdiz by Gabe Calderón

"With themes of resistance, of ceremony as the conduit between realms, and of transcending gender, Màgòdiz is a powerful and visionary reclamation that Two-Spirit people always have and always will be vital to the cultural and spiritual legacy of their communities."