A Book with "two" in the Title: Picks for the TPL Reading Challenge 2022

November 21, 2022 | M. Elwood

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TPL Reading Challenge 2022

These are my choices for a book with a '2' or 'two' in the title.

The 22 murders of madison may

The 22 Murders of Madison May by Max Barry

This book is pretty indescribable. Real estate agent Madison May is at an open house when a client approaches her and tells her "I love you. In every world." Not long after, he murders her. Journalist Felicity Staples is assigned to the murder and spots the killer on the subway. He disappears and Felicity's world is suddenly different. No one remembers Madison May or her murder. Felicity, it turns out, has followed the killer into a different world. 

Two parts sugar one part murder

Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder by Valerie Burns

Maddy Montgomery is left at the altar by her long-term boyfriend and needs to recover. Unexpectedly she is notified of an inheritance from her great-aunt but there's a catch. Maddy must live in Aunt Octavia's house in rural New Bison, Michigan for a year and run her bakery. Oh, and she must care for Aunt Octavia's giant English mastiff. None of this fits her previous Instagrammable lifestyle. It gets even worse when the town's mayor is murdered and the murder weapon has Maddy's fingerprints on it. 

Other categories:

  • A book published this year

Two nights in lisbon

Two Nights in Lisbon by Chris Pavone

I've been a fan of Pavone's since his first book, The Expats, was released in 2012. In this thriller, newly married Ariel Pryce wakes up alone in Lisbon. Her husband John disappeared sometime in the night. She quickly realizes that maybe she doesn't know her husband at all. Then again, he doesn't know the truth about her either. 

Other categories:

  • A book published this year

Staff Recommendations

Here are some recommendations from TPL staff for this category.

32 stories

32 Stories: the Complete Optic-Nerve Mini-Comics by Adrian Tomine.

This boxed collection includes previously out of print comics that Tomine self-published when he was in high school, a rare and special treat for his large fanbase!

—Janine, Mobile Library Assistant

Between two kingdoms

Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life Interrupted by Suleika Jaouad

An honest and compelling memoir about being a young adult with cancer and living with uncertainty. She writes about the isolation of being sick, and how cultivating creativity through writing helped her move towards better emotional well-being, self-acceptance and survivorship. There is sadness and pain but also a sweetness to the love and cautious optimism she cultivates in her relationships with friends, lovers, and family.

—Joanne, Librarian

Cockatoo too

Toucans too

Cockatoo, Too and Toucans, Too by Bethanie Deeney Murguia

Silly books with great alliteration and tutus too!

—Katherine, Library Assistant

Hook line and sinker

Hook, Line, and Sinker (Bellinger Sisters #2) by Tessa Bailey

Though this is book two in the series, I read it first and didn't find I was missing any pieces. A breezy, steamy read with classic Romantic tropes:

  • handsome, broken man
  • woman who doesn't realize how great she is
  • sprinkled with many song recommendations

Truth be told I didn't like her previous books, but this book put Tessa Bailey on my radar and I feel like she has hit her stride with this series and I'm looking forward to future titles...

—Reagan, Librarian

One two three

One Two Three by Laurie Frankel

This novel is told from the alternating perspectives of teenage triplets (who sometimes call each other, One, Two, and Three) in a town that has been devastated by the chemical run-off from the town's former economic-backbone manufacturing plant. The town's current population is plagued by large numbers of chronic illnesses among the older generation who used to work there and their children.

When our triplet heroes learn that the company is planning to re-open the plant (they've never admitted fault for what happened, of course), the three are determined to stop that from happening.

Other categories:

  • A book that is important to you
  • A book about a city
  • A book about family

—Kasey, Librarian

Tale of two cities

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Definitely worth reading for a great description of the French Revolution chaos, a tragic love triangle (that could be another category for RC) and the most famous opening paragraph, and much much more!

—Anna, Librarian

Two Trees Make a Forest

Two Trees Make a Forest: In Search of My Family's Past Among Taiwan's Mountains and Coast by Jessica J. Lee

A unique blend of family and environmental history, Jessica Lee explores her grandparents' life stories while also exploring the mountains, rivers, plants and birds of Taiwan. Lee makes a compelling case for how Taiwan's social and political history is intertwined with its natural landscape. As big fan of both nature writing and family history memoirs, I really loved this book.

Other categories:

  • A book about family

—Myrna, Librarian

Unbeatable squirrel girl

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: 2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious by Shannon Hale & Dean Hale

The hilarious, action-packed further adventures of Doreen Green, aka Squirrel Girl, who eats nuts and kicks butts!

—Jennifer, Branch Head and Myrna, Librarian

Recommendations from the Facebook Group

These are just some of the suggested titles from our Facebook TPL Reading Challenge 2022 discussion group. You can read all of the responses in the original post. You do not need a Facebook account to read the suggestions.

French Recommendations

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