New and Upcoming Indigenous Books: Summer 2022 Edition

August 22, 2022 | Jamie

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The end of summer feels like it's far away, but it's getting closer than we think! Have you run through your to-be-read list, and want to read more books by Indigenous authors?

Here are some upcoming and recently released books by Indigenous authors for all ages. This is only just a small sampling of the incredible works that are being released every year.

Please note where possible the author's nation will be next to their name. Book summaries unless otherwise stated are from the TPL website.


New children books

Drum From the Heart

Drum From the Heart by Ren Louie (Nuu-chah-nulth), illustrated by Karlene Harvey (Dene, Tsilhqot'in, Salish & Syilx)

"When he is gifted a handmade drum by his mother, Ren learns the teachings of the drum that she also passes down to him. Ren discovers that through this special drum, he is able to connect to his culture and find a confidence in his voice to joyfully share in singing the traditional songs of his Nuu-chah-nulth Nation." – Medicine Wheel Publishing website


Still This Love Goes On

Still This Love Goes On by Buffy Sainte-Marie (Cree), illustrated by Julie Flett (Cree-Metis) 

Note: this title will be available to borrow in September 2022.

"Based on Academy Award-winning Cree icon Buffy Sainte-Marie's song of the same name, Still This Love Goes On is a stunning celebration of Indigenous experience. Breathtaking illustrations from celebrated Cree-Métis artist Julie Flett combine with Sainte-Marie's vivid lyrics to craft a remarkable piece of art." – Greystone Books website


Returning to the Yakoun River

Returning to the Yakoun River by Sara Florence Davidson (Haida) and Robert Davidson (Haida), illustrated by Janine Gibbons (Haida)

Note: This book will be available to borrow in September 2022.

"Every summer, a Haida girl and her family travel up the Yakoun River on Haida Gwaii, following the salmon. While their father fishes, the girl and her brother spend their time on the land playing and learning from Tsinii (Grandfather)." – Portage and Main Press website


New teen books

Stone Child

The Stone Child : The Misewa Saga by David A. Robertson (Cree)

"After discovering a near-lifeless Eli at the base of the Great Tree, Morgan knows she doesn't have much time to save him. And it will mean asking for help - from friends old and new. Racing against the clock, and with Arik and Emily at her side, Morgan sets off to follow the trail away from the Great Tree to find Eli's soul before it's too late. As they journey deep into the northern woods, a place they've been warned never to enter, they face new challenges and life-threatening attacks from strange and horrifying creatures. But a surprising ally comes to their aid, and Morgan finds the strength to focus on what's most important- saving her brother's life." – Penguin Random House Canada website


Reckoner Rises Volume 2 Version Control

The Reckoner Rises, Volume 2: Version Control by David A. Robertson (Cree), illustrated by Andrew Thomas, Scott B. Henderson and Donovan Yaciuk

"Brady is abducted by the Mikho corporation, while Eva and Cole fight an old enemy. Cole barely escapes the fight alive, so once again, it's up to Eva to save the day. After a vicious battle with Mihko's newest test subject, Eva discovers their secret laboratory--a horror movie come to life. But with Brady missing and Cole barely clinging to life, Eva is on her own. What new terrors has Mihko created? Can they be stopped? And can she find Brady before it's too late?" – Portage and Main Press website


New adult books

Minor Chorus

Minor Chorus : A Novel by Billy Ray Belcourt (Cree)

Note: This book will be available to borrow in September 2022.

"Populated by characters as alive and vast as the boreal forest, and culminating in a breathtaking crescendo, A Minor Chorus is a novel about how deeply entangled the sayable and unsayable can become--and about how ordinary life, when pressed, can produce hauntingly beautiful music." – Penguin Random House Canada website


Running Down The Dream

Running Down The Dream : A Memoir by Candy Palmater (Mi'kmaq)

"Candy described herself as a queer Mi'kmaw lawyer-turned-comic raised by bikers in rural New Brunswick and on the surface, she met with enormous success - on leaving government and the practice of law, she started a career as a stand-up comedian, which led to starring in five successful seasons of her own national TV show, hosting many radio shows and co-guest hosting CTV's The Social, and landing a recurring role on a hot new sitcom in her fifties. But she is the first to tell you she made all kinds of mistakes and experienced all kinds of failure along the way. Running Down a Dream is Candy's story, in her own words, of the highs, the lows, the moments of doubt, the turning points when she listened to her gut and tuned out all the people saying no. It's also a tribute to her family and the love that always bolstered her, despite their own hard times. She shares her stories to inspire us to embrace our failures and to believe in ourselves. And most importantly, Running Down a Dream is a call to love ourselves for who we are." – Harper Collins Canada website


Theory of Crows

Theory of Crows : A Novel by David A. Robertson (Cree)

Note: this title will be available to borrow in September 2022.

"When a troubled father and his estranged teenage daughter head out onto the land in search of the family trapline, they find their way back to themselves, and to each other." – Harper Collins Canada website