Armistice: 100 years 1918-2018

November 9, 2018 | Lynn

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November 11, 2018 marks 100 years of Armistice.  This document was meant to result in the end of the war to end all wars, which sadly did not happen.  World War I took more than 60,000 Canadian lives and changed global politics forever.  Canadians proved themselves with Ypres, Vimy Ridge and Passchendale on the world stage, but Canada was also badly hurt by the Halifax Explosion (December 6, 1917)and the Battle of the Somme (July 1 - November 18 1916).  Through it all, Canada and its people fought hard and eventually led to the Armistice being signed on November 11, 1918.  Here are some recommended materials to further your knowledge about Canada's role in this world war.


Canadians at war: a guide to the battlefield of world war 1 

Canadians at War: A Guide to the Battlefields of World War I

This guide books covers all the major battles, with maps, memorials and photographs of these major events.  It is a great resource for those interested in personal history or Canadian history.


World War 1 in 100 objects 

World War 1 in 100 Objects 

This book does not focus on Canada specifically in the war, but it does present the war through a different type of lens- objects that were used in the war.  Learn the history behind a medal, or a particular weapon.  For visual learners, this can help connect them with events.

It was their war too: Canadian Women in World War I 

It was their war too: Canadian Women in World War I

This book is a great resource for people looking for primary sources, which include diaries and letters from people during the First World War.  Even though women were not allowed on the front line of the conflict, they made valuable contributions towards the war effort.

From Vimy to Victory: Canada's fight to the finish in World War I 

From Vimy to Victory : Canada's fight to the finish in World War I

This children's book presented in scrap book form is a great as a learning tool for young students, but it can also be enjoyed by people of all ages. It highlights Vimy Ridge, which allowed the world to see how strong Canada was and could be for the war.

  Billy Bishop: the courage of the early morning a biography of the great ace of world war I 

Billy Bishop: The courage of the early morning: a biography of the Great Ace of World War I 

This is a biography of the great pilot Billy Bishop and it was written by his own son.  Billy Bishop was one of the best pilots in World War I and won numerous awards for his acts of bravery.

The Great Halifax Explosion: a World War I story of Treachery, Tragedy, and Extraordinary Heroism 

The Great Explosion: A World War I story of Treachery, Tragedy, and Extraordinary Heroism

This tragic accident in the waters between Halifax and Dartmouth in Nova Scotia was shocking to Canada and commemorated in a Canadian Heritage Minute.  This tragedy continues to be marked every year with Halifax sending a Christmas tree to Boston, because Boston sent so much assistance to Halifax.

Please remember to mark this special occasion on Sunday, November 11 at 11 am, wherever you may be.