October 14 is Dessert Day

October 12, 2018 | M. Elwood

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The reliable folks at Days of the Year assure me that Dessert Day is a legitimate thing and not something they've just made up. They suggest that one celebrate Dessert Day by indulging in dessert--revisit your favourites or explore new flavours. 

There are many different types of dessert--pies, cakes, puddings. Go crazy. 

These are some of the many books at Toronto Public Library that will make this Dessert Day the best ever!


Bakeland: Nordic Treats Inspired by Nature by Marit Hovland

Norwegian graphic designer and photographer Hovland makes beautiful desserts that are inspired by her love of the natural world. Her instagram account, Borrow My Eyes, shares her photographs of nature and her stunning baked goods. Everything in the table of contents looks appealing but I'm especially drawn to licorice macarons with raspberry filling and sesame-ginger buns with lemon icing.

French desserts

French Desserts by Hillary Davis

Cakes, tarts, crepes and more are featured in this collection of recipes. 

Japanese patisserie

Japanese Pâtisserie: Exploring the Beautiful and Delicious Fusion of East Meets West by James Campbell

Both sweet and savory recipes explore new and creative flavour combinations. 

Mountain berries and dessert spice

Mountain Berries and Desert Spice: Sweet Inspiration from the Hunza Valley to the Arabian Sea by Sumayya Usmani 

Usmani shares the Pakistani desserts she loved in her childhood. 

Sugar and spice

Sugar and Spice: Sweets and Treats from Around the World by Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra

This book shares desserts from all over the world. 

Sweet middle east

Sweet Middle East: Classic Recipes from Baklava to Fig Ice Cream by Anissa Helou

Cookies, cakes, puddings and custards from the Middle East. Recipes include walnut pancakes, saffron-caramel wafers and Syrian semolina and nut cake.

There are lots of other books available at Toronto Public Library but writing this post has made me too hungry to continue listing them. 

Enjoy Dessert Day.