The Nobel Prize in Literature and #MeToo

May 8, 2018 | Viveca

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The Swedish Academy has postponed the 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature amid shocking #MeToo allegations. The details have been widely covered in The New York TimesThe Guardian, The Toronto Star and The New Yorker.  Jean-Claude Arnault, a French photographer married to Nobel Prize judge Katarina Frostenson, has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by 18 women (including the Crown Princess of Sweden) as a result of his connection to the Academy. Swedish Academy members resigned over perceived failures to act over the allegations. Accusations about ethical violations for financial gain resulted in more resignations.

But here's the thing: one does not simply resign from the Swedish Academy. And if you do, you are not replaced. Judges of the Nobel Prize in Literature are appointed for life, which many find unsettling. Who is appointed for life outside of the monarchy? Or ABBA*? Inevitably, some journalists have even questioned whether the Nobel Prize in Literature should still be a thing. In the meantime, this major literary event is put on hold.   

Depressing news – but perhaps not surprising considering the systemic and pervasive rot revealed by the #MeToo movement.  The literary world is certainly not exempt. Allegations have been leveled against the late David Foster Wallace, YA authors James Dashner and Jay Asher, Sherman Alexie, and most recently at Pulitzer-Prize winning author, Junot Díaz.

Toronto Public Library has an excellent reading list of books about women, power and the movement to expose and eradicate gender-based violence and harassment. Also browse our list of past winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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* Some good news coming out of Sweden:  ABBA has announced the release of new songs after a 35-year hiatus.  

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