Is Spring Coming?

April 17, 2018 | Lynn

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This past weekend, we saw hail, snow and rain all leading towards flooding and power outages. Many people are glad they haven't changed their snow tires yet and I had to drag out my snow boots again. Considering this is mid-April, I am more than a little miffed at Mother Nature.  I am okay with rain in April, but I would hope that I wouldn't be touching my winter boots again until at least November. To remind myself that it will get better, here are some books to lift the spirits and remind us that good weather is coming.


Gardening a complete guide growing secrets and techniques   The beginner's guide to gardening   Container gardening 250 design ideas and step by step techniques

A lovely pastime that helps us to reconnect to nature, though we shouldn't be planting until next month, but that doesn't mean we can't start to plan out our own personal green oasis.


Ultimate guide Decks: plan, design and build   Walks, patios and walls   The complete guide to sheds

Enjoy exercising your DIY knowledge and start planning out what projects you want to tackle this spring and summer.


Outdoor Life

Paddling and hiking Ontario's Southern Shield Country   Urban cycling: how to get to work, save money and use your bike for city living    Walking: a complete guide to walking for fitness, health and weight loss   

Maybe you just can't wait to go outside and not be wearing four or more layers.  Exploring the world without winter boots and mitts will soon be upon us.