Stephen Hawking, 1942-2018

March 14, 2018 | Lynn

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The world has lost one of the most brilliant modern minds, Stephen Hawking. Hawking was a world renowned theoretical physicist who sought to bring science to the people. He wrote books, appeared on television shows and had a movie made about his life recently. Neil de Grasse Tyson tweeted "His passing has left an intellectual vacuum in his wake. But it's not empty. Think of it as a kind of vacuum energy permeating the fabric of spacetime that defies measure. Stephen Hawking, RIP 1942-2018" Here are some of his books, both for adults and kids and some documentaries and the feature film about his life.


A brief history of time

This book was revolutionary in its day and continues to inspire people to learn about the universe. This is science explained in terms that non-scientists can understand and appreciate. He explained black holes, the stars, how time works, the big bang theory and God.  



A briefer history of time

This follow-up book was extremely well received by fans who loved the additional explanations, inclusion of illustrations for concepts and updated scientific knowledge.

My brief history

The title of this book is so poignant now, but this was his autobiography where Hawking got to tell the world his story, from his point of view.  He discusses his academic successes, being diagnosed with and living with a motor neuron disease. He could not have predicted how well known he would be with his theories and contributions to the world.


George's secret key to the universe

Hawking understood how important it was for children to develop an interest in science so he and his daughter Lucy wrote some children's books about the universe. This series explains black holes, stars and the universe in a fun way within an adventure, a great teaching tool for kids.

If documentaries are more your passion, then please explore some of these options:

Stephen Hawking and the theory of everything   Genius by Stephen Hawking  Stephen Hawking's grand design

The theory of everything

The feature film about the life of Stephen Hawking won Eddie Redmayne an Oscar for his portrayal of an active vibrant student being struck down by motor neuron disease at 21 and fighting through to become the scientist the world knew and respected.