A Royal Engagement

November 28, 2017 | Lynn

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It has been announced officially that the fifth in line for the Royal throne in the United Kingdom is engaged. I imagine some people the world over are weeping over their lost chance to marry into the royal family.  This announcement has also created buzz because the prince's fiancee is a divorcee and an American. Meghan Markle will not be the first non-royal to marry into a royal family in recent years and she won't be the last; here are a few examples.


The Grace Kelly years: princess of Monaco

The Grace Kelly Years: Princess of Monaco

Grace Kelly was a famous American actress who married Prince Rainer III of Monaco in 1956. She had retired from a successful acting career from such films as Dial M for Murder and High Society. As a royal, she had three children with her husband and was known for her philanthropy. 

Kate Middleton: from commoner to duchess of cambridge

Kate Middleton: From Commoner to Duchess of Cambridge

Markle can look to her future sister-in-law for advice on what it's like to marry into the royal family. In her role as a royal, Middleton has become a champion for mental health and to improve the lives of children of parents with addictions. Royals today are less about running a country (which they don't) and more about being champions for those who need them, such as charities.

That woman the life of wallis simpson duchess of windsor

That Woman: The Life of Wallis Simpson Duchess of Windsor

Wallis Simpson made quite the impression on the British royal family; she caused the King of England at the time, King Edward VIII, to abdicate his throne so they could wed. She was twice divorced which led to a constitutional crisis and the abdication. This was a huge scandal for the family at the time, but then the scandal continued with her husband's fondness for the Nazis, but that is another issue.

Perhaps this engagement has you thinking of making a trip over the pond to catch a glimpse of the wedding or you will be hosting your own party at home, so here are some books to help with that. Early planning is always helpful.

Hat Shop: 25 projects to sew, from practical to fascinating

Hat Shop: 25 Projects to Sew, from Practical to Fascinating

Royal wedding are all about the hats, who has the most creative, the most outlandish, the most daring head gear on the day. Why not try and make you own? By starting to try and make hats, you should have some marvelous creations come the spring, when the wedding is expected to take place.

Tea fit for a queen: recipes and drinks for an afternoon tea

Tea Fit for a Queen: Recipes and Drinks for Afternoon Tea

Nothing screams British quite like a tea party, and this book will give you ideas on the types of tea you can serve and the foods that go with an elegant tea party. Or if you just enjoy tea parties normally, as I do with my nieces, and are looking for new ideas. A tea party is always a great excuse to break out the good china.