Deer in Scarborough

June 2, 2017 | Lynn

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Last summer it was all about capybaras from High Park and today it's deer trapped in a Scarborough plaza. What makes this story unique is that the family has grown from two to three members with a fawn joining them on Wednesday.  This is great reminder that Toronto does include wild animals, including deer, and we should be aware of them and that the general public should not approach. Here are some books that this story brought to mind.

Deer Backyard Animals  Animal Neighbors Deer

You can explore the kids section of your local library and find books to talk to your kids about deer and nature in general. With Canada celebrating 150 years, why not try to spot 150 animals this summer? And don't just count the pigeons.

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Now, the doe does not have books she can access to get tips on how to raise her fawn, but moms, you can explore the library for lots of books about your baby. There are also a number of baby times for babies and their caregivers.

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I certainly hope that the deer make their way back into the forest to their home, but for us we have lots of materials to help people find their own homes.

And finally, there will be times when the parents of the fawn will need to laugh, so why not read a few family comic strips to realize you are not alone with family struggles.

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