Order of Canada: Canadian Authors

February 24, 2017 | Lynn

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Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday this year and the Order of Canada has been around for 50 years. Recently one of my favourite authors Louise Penny was awarded this honor in Ottawa.  Louise Penny has written 12 books in her Inspector Gamache series and they are primarily set in rural Quebec. This is a popular series not only for the Canadian content, but it is also a cozy mystery series with a mix of larger story arcs that play across the series. Since Canada is celebrating such a big birthday this year why not focus on Canadian authors.  This is a website that covers Canadian authors who have been awarded the Order of Canada if you are seeking good Canadian literature.  Here are just a few title suggestions from these amazing authors.

Louise Penny

A great reckoning    Still Life

A Great Reckoning is the latest Inspector Gamache novel and if you enjoy this book then please explore the series. However if you are like me and need to read a series from the beginning then start with Still Life and go from there.


Margaret Atwood

The handmaid's tale    Angel Catbird Vol. 2 To Castle Catula

The Handmaid's Tale has been a successful book, movie in 1990 and soon to be Hulu production on the streaming service. Margaret Atwood's latest book is Angel Catbird Vol. 2 To Castle Catula and is a graphic novel. Margaret Atwood continues to explore writing styles and has now entered the comics world.


Deborah Ellis

The breadwinner    Looks like light

The Breadwinner is often assigned in schools for younger children to read, but as an adult this is still a powerful story about a young girl trying to survive in Afghanistan under the Taliban.  Normally Deborah Ellis' books tell the tales of people in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, but Looks Like Daylight focuses on Native youth here in Canada.


George Elliot Clarke

Blue   The motorcyclist

Blue was published by George Elliot Clarke in 2001, before he was named the Poet Laureate of Toronto in 2012 and Canada's seventh Parliamentary Poet Laureate in 2016.  The Motorcyclist is George Elliot Clarke's newest publication and is inspired by his father's life.


Farley Mowat

People of the Deer   Owls in the family

People of the Deer chronicles Mowat's time spent with a group of 40 Ihalmiut people and observing their way of life.  Owls in the Family is a book many Canadians might remember reading in school as children.  I mean, I didn't want a pet owl after this.


I have only mentioned 5 Canadian authors in this post, so please share with me your favourite Canadian authors and their best books. I am always looking for great book recommendations.