You Can't Watch That! Freedom to Read Week: Movie Edition

February 24, 2015 | M. Elwood

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Freedom to Read Week 2015
The Canadian Library Association has kept track of materials challenged at publicly funded libraries since 2006. In 2012 for the first time DVD challenges outnumbered those of books. The DVDs below have faced challenges in Canadian libraries. 

Brazil the final cut Eastern promises Hope spring I love you phillip morris Killer joe

Sam is the victim of a clerical error in a dystopian world with out of control bureaucracy. Also, one of my favourite movies. A patron in an Ontario library felt that the movie's homosexuality, offensive language and sexual content were inappropriate.

Eastern Promises
After a young woman dies in childbirth, her midwife tries to contact the woman's family but discovers they are Russian mobsters. A British Columbia library received a complaint about the film's offensive language, violence, and graphic sexual content.

Hope Springs
A long married couple attend an intensive marriage counselling session to try and reignite their passion. A patron in a BC public library felt that the movie contains too much sexual content for a movie classified as 14+.

I Love You, Phillip Morris
This movie about a charismatic conman starring Jim Carrey was challenged in Alberta for sexually explicit content. In an Ontario library it was also challenged by a patron who believed the 14A rating was inappropriate.

Killer Joe
A young man hires a Dallas policeman/hitman to kill his mother so he can collect the insurance money. A British Columbia library received a complaint that the movie was sexually explicit.

Muppets wizard of oz Red state Shame That touch of mink World's greatest dad

The Muppets Wizard of Oz
The classic story retold by Kermit, Miss Piggy and friends was challenged in an Alberta public library by a patron who felt the tornado in the movie was age inappropriate.

Red State
Three teenagers are lured into a violent cult. It was challenged in a British Columbia library due to the film's offensive language, violence, and sexually explicit scenes.

A New York man who prefers sex without attachment reevaluates his life during a visit from his younger sister. The nudity and sexually explicit nature of the film prompted a challenge in an Ontario public library.

That Touch of Mink
Cary Grant plays a wealthy man hoping to have a fling with virginal Doris Day but she's more interested in marriage. A patron in a British Columbia public library objected to sexism and violence in the 1962 film.

World's Greatest Dad
A man who feels life has passed him by gets a chance to turn a terrible tragedy into success in this dark comedy. An Ontario public library received a complaint about the movie's offensive language and sexual content.

Please note that you can't always watch that. Toronto Public Library respects the classification system of the Ontario Film Review Board, so DVDs that are rated 14A, 18A, and R may not be signed out by younger patrons.

Celebrate your intellectual freedom everyday!

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