What Would You Do If Your Mom Was Missing?

May 24, 2013 | Erin

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Please Look After MomA Korean family must deal with this situation in Kyung-sook Shin's Please Look After Mom. A 69 year old mother is separated from her husband in the Seoul subway station and goes missing. Her family deals with their memories of her, as they search for her.

The story is told from the varying perspectives of the daughter, son, husband and finally the mother herself. The children place advertisements in the paper and argue over the wording of the fliers they are creating, as well as the amount of reward to offer. As they fight and blame each other for not picking their parents up from the subway station, they discover that they do not have a recent picture of their mother.

Daughter and son, through their memories, begin to question if they even knew who their mother was as a person. The daughter always connected her mother to food and the kitchen and suddenly wonders if she was happy with this life and ever wanted more.

The husband leaves the city and his feuding children to return home, hoping to find his wife waiting for him. When he returns to an empty house, he realizes how he took his wife for granted, thinking that she would always be there. The memories flood back as he walks from room to room.

The mother's voice draws the story to a close as many of her desires and secrets are finally revealed.

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