Take a Break From Your Family History

December 28, 2012 | Erin

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Researching you family tree has always been a popular activity. Learning stories that you never knew about relatives is fascinating and there is always the dream of discovering that you are related to a historical figure or someone famous. However, if your search has been disappointing and slow, here are a few genealogical novels and true stories to inspire you.

The Island by Victoria Hislop (2005) Family Secrets by Judith Henry (2007) The Distant Hours by Kate Morton (2010) The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen (2010)

The Island by Victoria Hislop
Alexis travels to Crete to uncover information about her mother's past. Exploring her family's history reveals the story of her great-grandmother and a dark secret that brought tragedy to her family.

Family Secrets by Judith Henry Wall
After the death of their father, three sisters discover an old letter revealing that their paternal grandmother is not dead, as they were told. The sisters begin a journey to Montana to locate Hattie, the author of the letter.

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton
Fifty years after it was sent, a letter finally arrives at its destination. This letter sends Edie Burchill on a journey to learn about her mother's life as a teenager during World War II.
Also available in: Audiobook, eBook, Large Print

The Opposite of Me by Sarah Pekkanen
In one devastating night, Lindsey Rose loses the dream job that she had been working towards. Fleeing New York to her parents' home in Maryland, Lindsey stirs up a long buried family secret.

Aunty Dimity and the Village Witch by Nancy Atherton (2012) The Year of Finding Memory by Judy Fong Bates (2010) The Perfect Nazi by Martin P. Davidson (2010) A Book of Secrets by Michael Holroyd (2010)

Aunty Dimity and the Village Witch by Nancy Atherton
Lori Shepherd begins assisting Amelia Thistle, a newcomer to the village of Finch, in her search to discover if a family diary is correct and Amelia is a descendant of the Mad Witch of Finch.
Also available in: Large Print

The Year of Finding Memory: A Memoir by Judy Fong Bates
After the death of her parents, author Judy Fong Bates returns to her ancestral home in China. Here she discovers many stories about her parents and their lives of which she was unaware.
Also available in: eBook, Talking Book (Restricted to print disabled patrons)

The Perfect Nazi: Uncovering My SS Grandfather's Secret Past and How Hitler Seduced a Generation by Martin P. Davidson
Discovering that his grandfather, who was originally believed to be a dentist in Berlin during the war, was in fact a Nazi, Davidson becomes determined to uncover his true identity.

A Book of Secrets: Illegitimate Daughters, Absent Fathers by Michael Holroyd
These tales reveal the lives of various women, who had connections to historical figures, yet history has all but forgotten these women, until now.