How Well Do You Know Your Neighbours?

October 26, 2012 | Erin

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Corduroy Mansions (2010) By Alexander McCall SmithAlexander McCall Smith has already gained many fans with his bestselling series The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency and 44 Scotland Street. Now his fans will be delighted to discover a new series. Corduroy Mansions is the first book in the series and it began as an online novel in the episodic style of writing reminiscent of Charles Dickens. Just as Dickens' stories appeared chapter by chapter in newspapers during the 1800s, a chapter from Corduroy Mansions appeared online, each day over the course of 20 weeks.

Corduroy Mansions is the story of a group of residents living within a London apartment building of the same name. Throughout the novel we meet the various residents, their friends and families. The daily events of these residents are described with Smith's trademark charm and humour. The residents include William, a widowed wine merchant, who is plotting to force his lay-about son out of the house, by getting a dog. Freddie de la Hay is the dog, a pimlico terrier, who is a vegetarian, does not chase cats and prefers to wear a seat belt with riding in a car. Berthea Snark is writing her son's biography, in which she is determined to reveal all his flaws. Her son is Oedipus, a ruthless Member of Parliament. Art history student, Caroline, shares a flat with three other girls, and begins to suspect that her gay friend may actually be interested in dating women.

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