CSI With Magic

September 21, 2012 | Erin

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Hard Magic (2010) By Laura Anne GilmanBonnie Torres is a recent New York college graduate, who is desperately looking for a job. She is a magic user, but this ability will not help her find employment...or so she thinks.

One day Bonnie receives a phone call informing her of a job interview that she does not remember applying for. This is her introduction to the P.U.P.I (Private, Unaffiliated, Paranormal Investigation). Bonnie and four other twenty-somethings have been selected to work for this covert firm that solves crimes beyond the capacity of the regular police; crimes which usually involve magic.

This urban fantasy series by Laura Anne Gilman, is set in a world where magic is a fact of life and treated as an actual science. The first book in this series, Hard Magic, deals with the team learning their new profession. Not only do they have to learn to use their magic skills in new ways, but they must learn to find evidence and interrogate suspects. On their first job, the team is hired by a woman who does not believe that her parents committed suicide, as the police have ruled. The inexperienced team must work together in order to use forensic magic to prove that the two deaths were murder and not suicide.

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