Gutsy Women of the Future

August 17, 2012 | Erin

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Blood Red Road (2011) By Moira YoungHave you read all of the Hunger Games books and are looking for something new to read? Try Moira Young's debut novel, Blood Red Road

Saba is an 18 year old girl, living a secluded life with her father, twin brother Lugh and younger sister Emmi. Life is hard for this family, as the lake that they depend on for survival is drying up and their father refuses to move. Saba's mother died giving birth to Emmi and Saba continues to hold a grudge against her sister. Lugh is the only thing that Saba adores; although they are twins, he is everything that she is not, light haired, blue-eyed, kind and loving.

One day armed men on horseback arrive at the family shack, killing their father and kidnapping Lugh. As the men tie Lugh to a horse, Saba promises: "Wherever they take you, I swear I'll find you." This event will lead Saba and Emmi on an epic quest to find Lugh. Rebel Heart (2012) By Moira Young

Without Lugh, Saba believes she is lost; she had always just been his shadow. Suddenly thrown into a vicious new world Saba realizes she is a fighter and most importantly a survivor. What began as a journey to free her brother may in fact change the world.

Ridley Scott already has plans to make this into a movie. The sequel, Rebel Heart will be published in October and is on order with the library. Place you holds now!

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