Fifty Shades of Twilight

June 20, 2012 | Jane

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If it wasn't for Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series there would be no Shades of Grey.  E.L. James' erotic trilogy has made the publishing world very, very  happy and readers just can't get their hands on the novels fast enough.  English author E.L. James debut series  "Fifty Shades of Grey,  Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed"  has been on bestseller lists for weeks and weeks.



You know you've hit the "big time" when libraries (in the USA) ban your books and critics dismiss them all as "Mommy porn",  whatever that is.  I presume that none of E.L. James' critics have read a paranormal romance or watched the True Blood series on TV?   Why is Harlequin the biggest publisher in the world?  

E.L. James was recently interviewed on  CBC's Q by a Jian Ghomeshi who claimed to have read and loved her books (I'm sure I heard him say it).  When asked about the books and all the controversy she said that it's just a love story inspired by the popular Twilight series and that the main character "Ana" is the one in control not her domineering lover, Christian.

Is Fifty Shades like Twilight?   Yes and no.  The content is much hotter and more adult.  However, Fifty Shades did start as online fan fiction continuing the Twilight story.  E.L. James eventually removed the vampires which I think is too bad.  When I imagine Christian Grey, the troubled billionaire, as a vampire the story works a bit better.   He's just too... much... he just can't be human?  Can he?  At one point, early on,  I thought if he's not a vampire perhaps Christian Grey is a dark immortal like Dorian Gray of Oscar Wilde fame.  I was sure he had a picture of himself up in the attic that was aging while he stayed young forever.  Wrong again!

Where and how will our tortured couple do the deed next?  Will Christian be able to change his wicked ways to keep Ana from running away or will she turn to the dark side and save him the trouble?   Fifty Shades is not great literature... but it's fun and the story interesting enough to keep me reading.  

Will I read all three books?  You bet.  Just like the Twilight series I have to find out what happens to the romantic couple.  And just like Twilight, a movie is in the works and the blogosphere is already trying to guess which actors are just right to play Christian and Ana

There are holds galore on all versions of Fifty Shades (book, ebook and the on audiobook).   I hope I get the last book before the movie comes out.


E.L. and a fan.

Did I mention that the cover art is great?  



There over 100 holds on another new erotic novel called  "Maidenhead" by Tamara Faith Berger.    This one is apparently for those who like their "juicy reads" well written.    Maidenhead was recommended on CBC and reviewed in the Toronto Star.

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