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March 10, 2012 | M. Elwood

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March 10 is the International Day of Awesomeness.  The holiday was founded in 2007 based on the theory that "no one's perfect but everyone can be awesome" and encourages people to commit "acts of awesomeness" either alone or in groups.

Because I'm at work today, my opportunities to commit awesome acts outside of the library setting are limited.  This blog post celebrates the five most awesome books I've read over the past few years.  The books on the list are the ones that have delighted, enlightened, and entertained me and gotten stuck in my head.

Awesome Fiction

Boy detective fails
Three bags full







The Boy Detective Fails by Joe Meno
Billy Argo was once a famous boy detective, solving crimes with his sister and their best friend. Now an adult, Billy is confronted with a world that is incomprehensible and full of unsolvable problems. Poignant, dark and wonderful.

Three Bags Full: a Sheep Detective Story by Leonie Swan
It's a book about crime-solving sheep! I know that sounds crazy but it is a delightful read--and not as cute as it sounds.

The Zero by Jess Walter
This dark and comic critique of post-9-11 America is not for everyone but I enjoyed every page.

Awesome Non-Fiction

Everything is miscellaneous
Survival of the sickest







Everything is Miscellaneous: the Power of the New Digital Disorder by David Weinberger
It's a book about classification systems! I never expected to enjoy reading about classification systems but this book is a revelation. In a fun and accessible way, Weinberger demonstrates how the computer age has changed the way people organize their "stuff" and how this has influenced society.

Survival of the Sickest: a Medical Maverick Discovers Why We Need Disease by Sharon Moalem
This book traces the origins of disease showing how some of the medical conditions in the present day actually provided our ancient ancestors with evolutionary benefits. I read this book ages ago and I still regularly refer to it in conversation.


What awesome books do you recommend?

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