Christopher Hitchens: 1949 - 2011

December 16, 2011 | Viveca

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  Christopher Hitchens
Christopher Hitchens, British author and essayist, died last night of complications related to cancer. A fierce intellectual and polemicist, Hitchens was no stranger to controversy. Indeed, his impressive body of work has both engaged and enraged his many readers over the years - and his passing has resulted in an outpouring of editorials reflecting on his life and work.  

Read obits from the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the BBC, CNN, the Guardian, the National Post, the Wall Street Journal, The Daily Mail and Vanity Fair.

See Vanity's Fair's photo essay.  Read some of his memorable quotes here and here.

Watch Hitchen's inteview with Sally Quinn of the Washington Post in which he reflects upon his life's work. 


The Guardian reports on a forthcoming memoir, Mortality, based on his Vanity Fair columns.

Until then:

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Christopher Hitchens Young Man
Hitchens in 1968.