Amazing Absorbing Boy wins 2011 Trillium Book Award

June 20, 2011 | Jane

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Rabindranath Maharaj's fifth novel "The Amazing Absorbing Boy" has won the $20,000 English-language Trillium Book Award.   In a Quill & Quire author profile Maharaj is quoted as saying "I wanted to show the different way immigrants view Canada."

The Amazing Absorbing Boy is the tale of an immigrant Trinidadian teenager, Sam, who uses his love of comics to make life more bareable in his new neigbhourhood of Regent Park, a diverse but challenging area, of Toronto.  He imagines commuters as The Mole Men from Superman and a regular at the gas station where he works becomes The Watcher from The Fantastic Four.  Whoa!  That is different.

Amazing absorbing boy