Need to unwind after the Holidays?

January 4, 2010 | Erin

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44947438Judy Reene Singer’s book, Horseplay is a perfect way to laugh away those winter blahs.

“Men are like horses.  If they’re even-tempered and sweet, you stay on for the ride.  If they buck and run around you get off before you get hurt.”

After catching her husband cheating for the third time, Judy realizes that this is the final straw and decides to leave.  She quits her job, packs her bags and writes a Dear John letter to her husband.  The only problem is she does not know where to go.  Following her riding instructor’s suggestion, she becomes a groom at an Olympic trainer’s stable, but she has no idea just what she is getting herself into.

In the blink of an eye, Judy is living above a barn in an apartment with three other women.   She loves horses, but suddenly faces the daily backbreaking work of a groom, who not only has to deal with temperamental horses but their snobby owners as well.

To make matters worse Judy becomes the envy of all the socialites when she begins dating Speed Easton, who may have his own dark secret.  When her husband tracks her down, Judy’s newfound friends come through in a way that will leave you shocked and laughing out loud.

Jumping from one hysterical story to another, this is a quick funny read you do not want to miss. 

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