For achievement in horror... "The Strain"

December 28, 2009 | John Elmslie

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37641045 No gorgeous vampires in The Strain. No sulky teen undead. It’s just a first-rate horror novel full of sympathetic characters and suspense that never lets up.
The Strain was co-written by crime novelist Chuck Hogan and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, director of the movies Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy.
The horror begins when a plane lands safely in New York City's JFK airport. On touchdown the plane's power goes out and its communications fail. All the window shades are down.
Post 9/11 emergency responses swing into effect.
A baggage handler notices that one of the window shades is up and suddenly knows in her deepest animal nature that something wants to eat her.
Bad things happen to good people in this book. But the names -- Dr. Goodweather, The Stoneheart Group -- show that the authors want us to have some fun along with the chills.

Hogan was asked if there were plans to make the book into a movie. “Even better -- a long-form cable-type series. That way you get the episodic nature of the book, with its various cliffhangers and character surprises - and you get your full-on scare as well.”
This is the first volume of a trilogy. I can't wait for the second two books. If you like horror literature, don't miss The Strain.