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December 2014

Holiday stress? We can help!

December 8, 2014 | Cynthia | Comments (0)

Holidays and stress – for some people, these are almost synonymous. The Library has books with this subject heading, and of course, there are movies that spoof the stress of the holidays.

Writers use these humourous, and sometimes disastrous, happenings to show us that none of us is immune. 

Stress is not limited to Christmas; an internet search brings up many listings for Hanukkah stress as well. There is even a guide for atheists!

You’ll also be able to find articles in many magazines, aimed at helping people cope with the stress of dealing with the shopping, cooking, decorating and entertaining that many of us deal with at this time of year. 

We wish you a very happy and low-stress holiday season.

When Holidays Are Hell     Aholiday2     Aholiday3     Aholiday4

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