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Nelson Mandela

December 14, 2013 | Denise | Comments (0)

The death of Nelson Mandela resonated around the world this past week. Ironically, his death seems to have resurrected the amazing narrative of his life's struggle to end Apartheid. The wisdom, tactics, leadership and judgement that he always seemed to bring to the table were his. But, as he himself always said, he was not solely responsible for the transformation of South Africa from an Apartheid state into a Democratic one. A very short and by no stretch of the imagination, definitive, list of those in the struggle against Apartheid would have to include:




Sisulu Kasrils Biko

Joe Slovo

Walter Sisulu 

Ronnie Kasrils

Steve Biko

Many others will be discovered through reading about South African activists, many of whom returned to South Africa after being in exile for years.

A different perspective will be gained by reading the books of Athol Fugard, Andre Brink, Zakes Mda, and Ezekiel Mphahlele.

Toronto Public LIbrary has these and so much more to broaden your understanding of one of the world's leaders for the ages.






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