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You are what you Eat

January 15, 2013 | Jorge | Comments (2)

I recently became more aware (and proactive) of the food I put into my body.  Research studies and news reports about restaurant dining and processed foods have me a bit concerned.   I usually don’t give in that easy – there are strong associations with almost everything these days but all things seem to point at the fact that ‘you are what you eat,’ as the old proverb goes.

I know that making your own food is the best way of controlling what goes into your body but I always made excuses, mostly highlighting the time and effort put into making food for one person.  I know that food can be stored and eaten sequentially but it wasn’t enough to get me going.

Then over a casual lunch conversation, a colleague shared some easy to make recipes.   It sparked me to do some searching.  I discovered that there are many resources that help make cooking easy, fast and healthy - three targets that a young cook desires.

Here are some resources that I’m using:

 Simply-gluten-free-quick-meals-more-than-100-carol-kicinski-hardcover-cover-art Fast flavours 101foods

Fresh food fast_Beginners-get-sortedFast-and-simple-gluten-free-30-minutes-or-less-to-fresh-and-classic-favorites


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