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And Now for Something Completely Different

November 29, 2012 | Denise | Comments (0)

This blog was initially going to be about something entirely different. But it has been my experience that life happens and then one 's attention moves in another direction. For various reasons, I have recently been thinking about our connections with those closest to us - our families, friends and pets. Friends who wiggle their way into our lives until finally they too feel like family. Colleagues who don't realise just how important they are to us. The pets we own that we sometimes discover actually own us.  Perhaps the coming darker months are responsible for this absorption and introspection, but I don't feel any need to uncover the reasons, preferring to acccept these reflections at face value. The following author has, at alternate times of my life, proved to spark and reward much soul searching in the best of ways.

Jon katz
Jon Katz is an online journalist (Slashdot ) whose Running to the Mountain: A Journey of Faith and Change led me to keeping an eye out for his books for over a decade. Convinced that searching for the most meaningful life he could live was the only way to go, Katz has impressed thousands with his online blogs, his drastic move from urban New Jersey to sheep farming with border collies. Katz's books on dogs are always more than simply books on dogs. They are chatty, thoughtful, often provocative and always enlightening in the best ways possible. Here is an extract from one of his blogs on dealing with the pressures and fears of modern life:


"Fight back.  Build boundaries. Turn off your Facebook alerts. Connect and share less. Run off and buy a farm. Meditate every morning. Brush a donkey once a day. Herd sheep with a border collie. Watch chickens peck for bugs. Take dogs for a walk. Avoid status alerts, nobody needs to know where I am.  Do not have a TV in the house. Avoid tests and pills if possible. Do not watch “the news.” Meditate every evening. Seek love, every day. Do not argue your life, or join in arguments about other people’s lives. Do not judge other people, give unsought advice, or tell other people how to live or what to do.  Avoid anger, in yourself, in the legions of angry children of the modern world. Avoid labels like left or right."

While each book can be read on its own, my advice would be to read them in order of publication. This way, you will be in a position to join Katz's journey with all his wonderful ensemble of animals as they have impacted on his own life.


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