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Library PC Tips

September 17, 2012 | Jorge | Comments (0)

Library PC Tricks If you use library computers for web browsing, creating documents or something as simple as printing – you might find some of these tricks useful.

Tip 1- Hold my spot! So you’re in the library and you receive an important call. Being the courteous person that you are, you wish to leave your workspace and answer the call privately. There is one problem: you do not want to lose the work you’ve started on your computer – the online application, web pages, and document work. If you ever find yourself in this position, try this:

1. Go to the Library Online start-up menu
2. Click Stand By – note that you are given a maximum of 10 minutes to hold your space
Standby pic3. Enter your PIN to regain access

Enter PINTip 2Excel or Word? This tip you can use in or outside the library. If you are wondering whether you should use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word you should ask yourself a few questions before you start. First, consider whether you will need to make any calculations. If so, Excel can do the work for you. If you want to create a table and have the option of re-arranging the data or filtering data, then you’re better off using Excel as well. If your overall purpose is to format and type text to create a flyer, report, letter or simple chart then you’re better off using Microsoft Word.

Tip 3 – Give me the new stuff!! If you are the type of person that likes to get your hands on our fresh supply of materials then listen up.

1. Visit our homepage,
2. Without clicking, hover over the Books, Video, Research & More Tab


3. Select the type of new material you like (e.g., New Adult Fiction)
4. Copy the URL
5. Open a RSS feed manager, like
6. Add a feed to your inbox, by pasting the URL in step 4 (use Mozilla Firefox if you can)
7. Receive all the updates at your fingertips


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