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Bon search ... Bon find ... Bon voyage!

June 1, 2012 | Diana S. | Comments (2)

Around this time people are asking for information on their choice travel destinations. They are particularly interested in the most current and popular travel guides. They may hesitate over what guide suits them, so the following is a convenient guide to some of the more popular travel guides:

These guides cover ‘unusual’ and lesser-known destinations of the world from
Africa to the Northwest Passages. It is both a travelogue as well as a travel
guide. These guides are updated irregularly.

Compass American
These guides are by Fodor's and provide in-depth coverage on US states - often
states no other guidebooks cover. They provide historical and cultural detail
about North American destinations as well as hotel and restaurant
recommendations and detailed descriptions of sights.
Explorer's Guides
In existence for more than 25 years, these guides cover the US. The guides are
updated bi-annually.
Eyewitness (DK)
These guides are updated every year and feature wonderful photos of travel
destinations. These guides may include pull-out maps.
These guides are your standard and reliable guides. They provide sections of
information on shopping, dining, hotel, and culture recommendations. There are
features and articles by local writers that convey the essence of each
Fodor's See it
These guides are by Fodor's and mostly feature wonderful pictures of must-see
sights and areas. they are updated bi-annually.
These guides are updated annually and are written by those with first-hand
knowledge of the area. If you are an adventurous and independent traveller or
backpacker, these guidebooks are worth a second look.
Like Fodor's, Frommer's are your standard and reliable guides. You will explore your travel destinations the way locals do. These guides are updated annually.
Updated bi-annually, Insight guides are more visual, featuring pretty pictures of featured destinations.
Let's Go
If you are a student on a limited budget or even on a limited budget, these guides are worth a look. They are budget travel guides written entirely by students. They are updated every year.
Lonely Planet
These guides are known for providing the best up-to-date information to travellers. They are standard and reliable guides that assume the traveller will get around their travel destination using local transit.
Lonely Planet Discover
These guides feature full-colour pictures throughout. It includes key attractions and possibly off the beaten-track highlights.
Lonely Planet on a shoestring
These guides assume that the traveller is going to be roughing it. It's a real backpacker and adventurer guide.
In existence since 1973, these guides are more for the independent traveller.
The writers have first-hand experience of activities and destinations and are able to deliver up-to-date and reliable information. The guides are updated bi-annually.

National Geographic
These guides feature beautiful pictures of travel destinations. They are irregularly updated.
Rick Steves'
These guidebooks are updated annually. They are for those who choose not to take an organized tour.
Rough Guide
These guides have been in existence for over 30 years. They are more for the buget-conscious. the guides are irregularly updated.
Time Out
These guides are updated bi-annually. They are good for information on nightlife and entertainment and restaurants.

The most recent guides at Barbara Frum Branch include:

Fodor's 2012 Florida    Rick Steves' Scandinavia   Walking London, The Best of the City

Frommer's Bali & Lombok   Family Guide Washington, DC   Singapore
Visit the Barbara Frum District Blog again and we'll navigate the Toronto Public Library's OverDrive to find a travel guide in eBook format.



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