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Holiday Songs that Warm You Up

December 17, 2011 | Jorge | Comments (3)

Written by Cristina & Jorge

It started the day after Halloween. Radios began playing holiday music. Whether you love it or hate it, there it is. It follows you in the car, while shopping in stores, and there is no way to escape it…but do we really want to? Holiday music has a way of bringing out the joy of the season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or any other holiday in the month of December there is always music to put you in a great mood. This is the type of music that has employees spending extra money, school children jumping off the walls and drivers belting out a tune while going about their day.

Whether you are listening to Jingle Bells or the Dreidl song, you can’t help but feel a sense of happiness.  For both the musician and the aficionado, the library has resources that share the cheerfulness of the season.

For the practicing musician, try the Complete Book of Chanukah Songs.  It’s truly a unique collection of songs in Yiddish, Hebrew, Ladino, and English written by the best Jewish songwriters.  You can also borrow 34 Hebrew and Yiddish Melodies, a collection of music sheets in Hebrew or Yiddish with English translations and annotations.  If you’re feeling Merry, then why not try Holiday Hits – a selection of top Christmas songs for advanced pianists.  Remember, we also have resources for the little ones that like making holiday noise (this time pleasant ones, let’s hope).  Try the classic Lamb Chop’s Special Chanukah or Songs of Chanukah 1st Ed.

The complete chanukah song                                                   

34 c_

Holiday hits

The Complete Chanukah Songbook

34 Hebrew and Yiddish Melodies Holiday Hits

If you prefer to listen to music rather than sing it yourself, there are so many CDs at your disposal.  Here are some of our personal favourites: Sing the Cold Winter Away: Family Songs for Wintertime, A Merry Christmas with Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters and one of our branch favourites, Chanukah at Grover’s Corner

Sing the cold Winter away

Merry Christmas with Bing Crosby                                                 

Chanukah at Grover's Corner

Sing the Cold Winter Away

A Merry Christmas
Chanukah at Grover's Corner

Speaking of Chanukah, the library hosted a special Chanukah Concert Wednesday night. Nearly 90 people participated in the cheerful celebration including CTV who caught some footage of the group’s current repertoire.  “Cheerful and warm, this concert certainly built up an appetite for Chanukah next week” shouted a member from the public. Thanks to the Toronto Jewish Folk Choir for creating a warm buzz in the community and kick starting the festival of lights! Images below are from this year's concert, a short snippet follows.

Chanukah Left    Chanukah Centre   Chanukah RIGHT


For upcoming holiday concerts, check out for a listing of holiday events.



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