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September 2011

Eglinton-Lawrence - are you ready to vote?

September 29, 2011 | Cynthia | Comments (0)

There’s a provincial election coming up on Thursday, October 6. With all the candidates making grand promises, and some slinging mud at their opponents, how do you know how to cast your vote?

Many people will vote the way they’ve always voted – sticking to their party of choice through thick and thin. Others will read the newspapers and magazine articles and watch the debates on television to see and hear what the candidates are saying. You don’t need to subscribe to every newspaper and magazine, though – you can visit your local library and read ours! We also have computers with internet access, so you can check out websites and find out what newspapers, television and radio stations are saying, along with candidates websites and comments from people who just want to express their opinions.

However you choose, be sure to go out and vote!

Advance polls are only open until September 30 at 8 pm. If you’re not on the List of Electors, add your name to the list by Wednesday, October 5 (10 am to 8 pm) at the Electoral District Returning Office at 3101 Bathurst St, Ste 100.
Remember to take your voters card and identification to prove your address when you go to vote!

For more information go to:

Here’s who running in Eglinton-Lawrence:

Mike Colle (Liberal)
Rocco Rossi (Progressive Conservative)
Gerti Dervishi (NDP)
Josh Rachlis (Green Party)
Michael Bone (Freedom Party)

This Article Will Not Save Your Life

September 28, 2011 | Jorge | Comments (0)

This fall we’re inviting you to get away from your ordinary lives and experience something dark, humorous and unlike anything you’ve ever heard before…
Enter into the world of a family so heavily in conflict that all that can result is misfortune.  Guided by a distraught mother and an overly passive father, one of their daughters develops a lethal obesity and the other a sick promiscuity that leads both of them to near death situations.  This sounds noir but you got only a sample of the surface; dig deeper into the tale and witness events so distasteful that all you can do is be thankful that the characters aren’t real.  Indeed, as the story title suggests, This Book Will Not Save Your Life.

So what’s really in it for you then?

Well next to the occasional laugh-out-loud humour, the tale is packed with drama that will keep you interested in the events that follow.  More importantly, it provides some insight into the inner-workings of a dysfunctional family – the sources, perpetuations and challenges, which Michelle Berry, author of the story, suggests is much more common than we think especially in suburban communities.

Above all, you have the opportunity to meet Michelle Berry in-person and participate in an interesting dialogue about what happens when the glue in a family is not sticking.

This Book Will Not Save Your Life

The Eh List with Michelle Berry
Thursday October 6, 2 p.m.
Barbara Frum Library, 3rd Floor Auditorium
Download The Eh List with Michelle Berry and share it with your friends & family

On the topic of dark humour, I leave you with this:

“Where lipstick is concerned, the important thing is not color, but to accept God's final word on where your lips end." – Jerry Seinfeld.



Engage in Culture, Learn a New Art

September 22, 2011 | Jorge | Comments (4)

Tapestry Why is art often associated with passion?  I’m sure most of us have heard the old phrase “passion for art” but what does it really mean?  Is it true? Why is it still relevant?   For someone that studied outside the realm of fine arts, the answer to these questions did not come naturally to me but I did have a moment of realization as I overheard a conversation with OCAD students at St. Patrick’s Station in Toronto’s bustling core.

I was drawn by the excitement and pride they had as they spoke to each other about the synthesis of their work.  “I tried to show my perspective” said one of the students to the other.  At that instant I had a euphoric moment – the value of art is in the passion to express oneself to the world in a meaningful way.  It really is the foundation of any art project and the reason why so many of us produce art for a living, for school credits or as a hobby.

I took my newfound knowledge, and sought out validation from the wise and feisty Seniors Group that meets at the Lawrence Heights Recreation Centre for an arts-and-crafts drop-in every Tuesday morning.  To my surprise, the seniors were only in partial agreement.  It is true that some use arts & crafts for self-expression, au contraire, others use it as a productive pastime or to simply “keep their hands busy.”

Whether you’re an arts & crafts hobbyist, truly passionate about the practice or you want to get others involved, be part of the Culture Days movement.  Culture Days is a pan-Canadian effort to encourage all Canadians to engage in the arts.  The Barbara Frum Library is a participating venue, offering residents an opportunity to learn a new art.

On Saturday October 1, 2011 from 1-4 PM [Room B] - An invitation to enter the fascinating world of tapestry weaving by learning in an unusual way.  Get hands on experience and lessons from an experienced tapestry artist, Juana Sleizer

Textile museum 2010    DSCI0240    DSCI0395

On Saturday October 1, 2011 from 2-4 PM [Room A] - See how to choose from different stones, get a feel for the tools of the stone sculptors' trade, see stones in various stages of creation and view some finished stone sculptures courtesy of Echo Sculpture Studio.

Sculptor1   Sculp 2   Sculptor2

Help make Canada a culturally vibrant place, Download Culture Days at BF flyer, and share it with your community!

LIP has Our Lips Watering for Breakfast!

September 20, 2011 | Jorge | Comments (0)

Written by Cristina B. 

Breakfast for Blog

Are you a new to Canada?

Are you in need of newcomer services?

Do you like breakfast?

If your answers are yes then you are in luck! LIP (Local Immigration Partnership) is hosting another Networking Breakfast and they want you to join them!

The Strengthening Newcomer Services Through Information Sharing & Referral breakfast should give you the answers to many questions that you may have about newcomer services. They can also show you how to stay connected to them through social media, wikis and other tools.

While you enjoy your breakfast you can also enjoy presentations from, 211 and Maytree.

Date & Time: September 22, 2011 (Thursday) from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Location: YMCA Newcomer Information Centre, 4580 Dufferin St., 2nd Floor, Room #21

Participants: service-providing agencies in Bathurst – Finch (frontline staff, managers, communications staff)

RSVP:   Elmira.galiyeva@jvstorontoorg

You can also Download LIP Networking Breakfast-Sep 22-2011 Flyer

LIP will provide the food and the information, just come with your questions and your appetite!


How does what you eat affect your health?

September 14, 2011 | Cynthia | Comments (1)

How much does what you eat affect your health?


We all know that eating French fries and donuts is bad for us, and that eating fruits and vegetables  is good for us, but what else?  How much do you really know about the way what we eat affects our health?

The conventional thinking is that eating meat, fish, eggs and dairy products is essential to growth, strength, and health, but is this true?  Many studies have been done on the topic of nutrition, and there is much solid research that maybe they’re not as good for us as we thought.

Because of this, more people are altering their diets to some degree.  Vegans go the extreme, eating no animal products at all.  There are various types of vegetarians, some of whom will eat fish or dairy products or eggs, just avoiding meat.  Then there are flexitarians – people who will eat some meat, now and then, but they limit its quantity and frequency.  But how healthy are any of these ways of eating?

You can learn more by reading an array of books and articles on the topic, but also by attending a presentation at the Barbara Frum Library on October 5 called “Vegetarianism 101”.  This program is meant to answer all your questions, even ones you might not have thought of on this subject.  Come on out and hear all about it, and ask your questions.

Here are some vegans and vegetarians that you may have heard of:  Sir Paul McCartney, Shania Twain, Hank Aaron, Ruth Heidrich (Ironman finisher, marathoner), Killer Kowalski (wrestler), Martina Navritilova (tennis player), Peter Burwash (Canadian former tennis player), Brad Pitt, Mac Danzig (MMA World Champion), Brendan Brazier (professional triathlete), and Robert Cheeke (bodybuilder).











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