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Engage in Culture, Learn a New Art

September 22, 2011 | Jorge | Comments (4)

Tapestry Why is art often associated with passion?  I’m sure most of us have heard the old phrase “passion for art” but what does it really mean?  Is it true? Why is it still relevant?   For someone that studied outside the realm of fine arts, the answer to these questions did not come naturally to me but I did have a moment of realization as I overheard a conversation with OCAD students at St. Patrick’s Station in Toronto’s bustling core.

I was drawn by the excitement and pride they had as they spoke to each other about the synthesis of their work.  “I tried to show my perspective” said one of the students to the other.  At that instant I had a euphoric moment – the value of art is in the passion to express oneself to the world in a meaningful way.  It really is the foundation of any art project and the reason why so many of us produce art for a living, for school credits or as a hobby.

I took my newfound knowledge, and sought out validation from the wise and feisty Seniors Group that meets at the Lawrence Heights Recreation Centre for an arts-and-crafts drop-in every Tuesday morning.  To my surprise, the seniors were only in partial agreement.  It is true that some use arts & crafts for self-expression, au contraire, others use it as a productive pastime or to simply “keep their hands busy.”

Whether you’re an arts & crafts hobbyist, truly passionate about the practice or you want to get others involved, be part of the Culture Days movement.  Culture Days is a pan-Canadian effort to encourage all Canadians to engage in the arts.  The Barbara Frum Library is a participating venue, offering residents an opportunity to learn a new art.

On Saturday October 1, 2011 from 1-4 PM [Room B] - An invitation to enter the fascinating world of tapestry weaving by learning in an unusual way.  Get hands on experience and lessons from an experienced tapestry artist, Juana Sleizer

Textile museum 2010    DSCI0240    DSCI0395

On Saturday October 1, 2011 from 2-4 PM [Room A] - See how to choose from different stones, get a feel for the tools of the stone sculptors' trade, see stones in various stages of creation and view some finished stone sculptures courtesy of Echo Sculpture Studio.

Sculptor1   Sculp 2   Sculptor2

Help make Canada a culturally vibrant place, Download Culture Days at BF flyer, and share it with your community!


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