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Digging for Data on the Lawrence Heights Neighbourhood?

August 17, 2011 | Jorge | Comments (1)

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Welcome to lawrence heights

   Lawrence Heights

250px-Lawrence_Heights_mapIn a recent encounter with a researcher, I was asked about information resources on the Lawrence Heights neighbourhood.  With proposed revitalization, there is growing interest in data that describes the community.  Thanks to a concerted effort by local community agencies and residents, new reports have been generated that give quantitative and qualitative analysis about the neighbourhood.

For all scholars, researchers, residents and the like, below is a listing of resources that may support your endeavours.

City of Toronto – Be sure to check out the Lawrence- Allen Revitalization Project on the City of Toronto’s Website.  There you will find a string of reports mostly on baseline data about the physical environment and proposed changes (see the official revitalization plan) but also demographic and economic profiles of the area..  There is also an extensive chronology of documented community events which are part of the revitalization process.

BePartIs a group of community agencies and residents that researches the experience of residents from the Lawrence Heights and Neptune Neighbourhoods.  Check out the BePart website and see the Collaborative Research Report 2010 ; the results of a survey conducted in 2009.

LHION – Checkout the Lawrence Heights Inter-Organization Network’s (LHION) website for reports on the neighbourhood.  On the website, you will find a 2006 Census Canada Report that gives population, demographic, diversity, household characteristics and more.

UNISONUNISON produced a community scan of residents in their catchment areas, including Lawrence Heights.  The report “reveals the needs, strengths and opportunities for change within communities UNISON serves.”  See the full report here.

JVS Toronto & Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) JVS organized the development of LIP in Lawrence Heights.  For data on newcomers and immigrants in Lawrence Heights see the Immigration and Settlement Report.  The report gives first-hand accounts on the concerns and issues faced by newcomers living in the area.  Or look at the Lawrence Heights Settlement and Employment Strategy and Action Plan.

Toronto Public Library - If you’re looking for past reports for let’s say, a comparison between Lawrence Heights then and now, the Toronto Public Library has reference resources that are worth looking at.  Also make sure you Download The Lawrence Heights Bibliography sent from a Colleague at the Urban Affairs Library.  I've taken the liberity of hyperlinking the resources with records in our online catalogue to make the retrieval process easier for you.  And as mentioned in a previous blog article, check out the ‘Lawrence Heights’ information files at the Barbara Frum Library.


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