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FAQ #1: “Do you have free parking, if so, tell me where!?”

June 28, 2011 | Jorge | Comments (4)

All drivers like the sound of free parking.  With burgeoning growth in the City, it’s becoming increasingly rare to hear this.  For all those drivers that analyze the costs and benefits of illegally parking, you should know that Toronto’s Government Management Committee is deliberating the imposition of a $12.50 surcharge on all offenders that fight a ticket in court and lose.   We all know that a parking ticket could ruin an otherwise pleasant day, so it’s better to park safe than be sorry! 

The whereabouts of free parking is a frequently asked question at the Barbara Frum Library.  The answer to this popular question is that there are three main areas, each with different parking conditions:

  1. Library Parking Lot - free short-term parking, for a maximum of 15 minutes. (highlighted in red).
  2. Saranac Blvd – free unlimited parking (highlighted in green)
  3. Lawrence Plaza Parking Lot – free parking for a maximum of 3 hours (highlighted in blue)

Free Parking Space at BF


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