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Dance Your Feelings Away

June 13, 2011 | Jorge | Comments (2)

LOL_I_DO_INTERPRETIVE_DANCE When is the last time you expressed your emotions, feelings or fantasies through bodily movement?  This sounds a bit odd, I know… let me explain further.  Most of us are probably more fluid with self-expression through verbalization, and in a worst-case scenario, through internalization, where all your feelings and emotions stay bottled up inside.

There is another, more powerful way to release your emotions.  Unfortunately it’s practiced only by a few of us.  The art form is called interpretive dance, a style of dance where you enact a situation or perform emotional manifestations, whether they are your own emotions or not.  I will tell you upfront that the dance is by no means choreographed.  It is a natural, free-flowing and emotionally-driven exercise that sometimes may appear irregular to a viewer.

As a featured program for Seniors Month (June), the Barbara Frum Library has invited Susan Green, an experienced dancer and instructor of the Mitzvah Technique, to show our seniors how to move their bodies using their emotions.  This program is offered exclusively to members of the Seniors Group.  If you know someone that may be interested, call us at 416-395-5441.

We do have additional program offerings available to all seniors on topics including safety, health and awareness.  Please Download Seniors Month flyer for programs in June.

Happy Seniors Month!


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