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Gardeners at Work: Sprucing up the Front Garden at the Barbara Frum Library

May 9, 2011 | Jorge | Comments (3)

If you stopped by the Barbara Frum Library on Saturday afternoon, you likely saw a group of inspired gardeners at work.  Backed by the experience and wisdom of our Senior Group members and the young muscle power of YAG members, we were able to facelift our front flower garden.  See a snapshot of the transformation below:

Garden Before              After gardening
                Before Gardening                                                         After Gardening

It all started with some garbage removal and pruning, we setup two subgroups – pruners and litter removers - and within half-an-hour we were ready to get our babies in the ground.  Of course, the gardening process was much more than that but for the sake of simplicity, lets just say that we planted a colourful mix of Asiatic Lilies, Cheddar Pinks, Coreopsis and Pansies.

IMG_0304             IMG_0317
        Pruning and litter removal                                     Getting those perennials in ground

There is nothing cliché about this project.  It was empowering to see the cultural exchange between different generations of people in the community.  One of our YAG members spoke strongly about the removal of the evil "demon spawns," a phrase that he gave to the abatement of cigarette buds.  The seniors chuckled and nodded their heads in agreement, cigarette buds do spawn evil!  The friendly exchange between the seniors and youth dispelled inaccurate stereotypes which suggest that disparate groups do not get along.

IMG_0320             IMG_0139
        Teens just want to have fun                                          Friendly gardeners

The gardening project was truly a concerted effort, everyone who partook in the event provided both informational and physical contributions to the garden.  Thanks a million to those that participated.  You are the ones that made this project a success.  And thanks to the community for your encouragement and kind words.   

A special shout-out to: Regina, Eleni, Herb, Akhila, Jinyan, and Damen for making this a successful project.


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