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Keep Laughing, It's Good for You

March 21, 2011 | Jorge | Comments (0)

Have you seen Canada’s latest youtube sensation in action?  His name is Emerson, a bubbly 5-month year-old baby who sways from a look of horror to a hysterical laugh every time his mother blows her nose.  He is sure to get at least a smile from you, if not a chuckle or an outburst of laughter.  See it for yourself below:


Did this make you laugh?  I hope so because laughter is good.  It creates an inward feeling of joy and makes us feel good.  In health, it is used as a de-stressing mechanism for therapeutic use and because it causes an expansion of the inner lining of your blood vessels, it also contributes to increased blood flow.  The benefits of increased blood flow are endless.

If you welcome the idea of laughing more but need some stimuli, you have a few options.  First, the Barbara Frum Library will screen two comedy films in April as part of the Thursday Afternoon at the Movies program.  In April, enjoy two laugh-out-loud comedies on our new projector screen and speakers, expect improved sound and image quality.  On April 7 at 2 PM, the library will screen Morning Glory (2010) and on April 21 at 2 PM, You Again (2010). You can Download April Movie flyer for more deatils about these films.

Or, if you’re not the visual type, you can also read more on laughter to discover ways to open your mind to signals in the environment which may trigger laughter.  Check out some titles below, or see a fuller list here.



I'd Rather Laugh: How to Be Happy Even When Life Has Other Plans for You by Linda Richman Laughter: a Scientific Investigation



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