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Bringing Health Matters to Centre Stage

March 1, 2011 | Jorge | Comments (2)

Health_Through_Awareness Health matters!  Some of us choose to ignore it, while others tackle it head on.  We all know that the risk of contracting health problems is higher when preventative action is ignored.  Sometimes though, it is difficult to take preventative action when you don't know what is out there.  And even when you know what is out there, how do you go about taking the appropriate steps to lower your risk? 

This March the Barbara Frum Library welcomes a 3-part series on health-related issues.  The purpose of the health series is to spread awareness of common health problems to help those challenged by them and to reduce the risk of contraction through the diffusion of knowledge.

Here is the scheduled line-up:

March 8, 2:30-3:30 PM Shingles (Zoster): Can we prevent it?

At this presentation you will become more aware of the viral disease, learn about early treatment and the possibility of vaccination.  See program details for more info, or Download Shingles - can we prevent it flyer.

March 22, 2-3:30 PMThe Mitzvah Technique.

The Mitzvah Technique helps you to gently improve posture and mobility while reducing tension and stress. See the Quit slouching. Chest out! Shoulders Back blog article for more information.

March 22, 6:30-8 PMThe Truth about Your Colon

Learn about the risk factors for colorectal cancer, screening tests, and ways to reduce your risk. See
program details or Download The Truth About Your Colon flyer.


As a memory device, you can also Download March 2011 Health Series flyer.


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